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M&A Consultants' goal is to help business owners, corporate managers, and other stakeholders unlock the value of their businesses by employing strategies that maximize wealth and achieve other business objectives.
About Us

Specialists in providing strategic options and financial support for small and medium-sized businesses, M&A Consultants can enhance your success by:


Assisting you in finding the right partner

Whether you are a buyer or seller of a closely-held company, we work with private investors, private equity funds, corporations and lenders depending on the nature and size of the transaction.


Guiding you in preparing your company for sale

  • Developing marketing materials about your company
  • Valuing the business - including intangibles
  • Identifying qualified buyers
  • Assisting with the due diligence process and financing
  • Advising on the proposed payment terms and draft agreements
  • Arriving at the best price and terms through various valuation methods


The transaction may also include divestment of an unprofitable or unrelated business unit as part of a larger company.


"With very short notice, M&A CONSULTANTS were able to get their hands around the financials of a mid-size printing company and were instrumental in helping us make critical decisions as relates to the potential acquisition of that company."


Midwest Printing Company


Assisting you during post-closing integration

This is an important time for a buyer and seller.  Our services include the integration of accounting procedures and controls, IT systems, personnel changes and financing, depending on your individual needs.  We can also provide interim CFO services.


Structuring a joint venture or strategic alliance

Sometimes the best strategic undertaking is not a merger and acquisition but a joint venture or strategic alliance.  These types of alignments provide many of the benefits of a merger and acquistion and the opportunity to work together and utilize each company's strengths while maintaining independence. 


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